Flourish Fill – Seesaw EP

Flourish Fill – Seeswa EP limited 12“ transparent dubplate version. Comes with a special geometric design in a semitransparent enclosure by Martine Kwakernaak. The record features bright futuristic aspects paired with voice snippets and classic beat elements. Four tracks between a brick wall of synthetic sounds and wide open landscapes with fluorescent rays of light. The limited edition of 10 records. Every enclosure is handcrafted. The records are processed in realtime on a dubplate machine.

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Flourish Fill – Seesaw EP


Artwork by Martine Kwakernaak – http://martinekwakernaak.blogspot.de

Distributed by wupwup store – http://store.wupwup.com

Written & Produced by Vladimir Korablin

Mastering by Lopazz

Pictures by David Leimstädtner