Kana Wakareno – Seaside Florist


Kana Wakareno is a young, talented musician and composer from Tokyo, Japan. Her first release on Modularfield Records gives a deep insight to her interpretation of contemporary classic music. A combination of live played piano and her unique voice. Both performed in Englisch and Japanese. Release date: 18. March 2016


01 – Lost Summer Day Dreaming
02 – Swim Far
03 – I Swam


01 – Utopia Scape
02 – A Garden In The Rain
03 – Seaside Florist

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Credits & Links

– Written & Produced by Kana Wakareno

– Mastering by Lopazz

– Illustration by Florian Gassmann

– Artwork by Markus Scholz

– Licensed by Tokage Records – http://www.tokagerecords.jp

– Kana at Soundcloud

– Kana at Facebook