MDF01 – Death Trap


First Part of the „Ultra Deep Field Trilogy“ by Death Trap from Iran and his interpretation of the Future as a mixture of Krautrock and Trap. It comes in a limited edition of 200 pearl white 10″ vinyl with handprinted cover with a unique gradient each. For a list of selected shops visit: The Modularfield Retail Directory

Written & Composed by: Death Trap – Design by: Lukas Höh – Drawing by: Ann Pajuväli – Mastering by: Lopazz – Distribution: Rough Trade

Taste of Future – Directed by Boris Dörning


Director: Boris Dörning – Music: Death Trap – Mastering: Loopaz – Filming & Compositing: Boris Dörning & Jonatan Schwenk – 3D Compositing: Dominik Keggenhoff – Microscope filming: Dr. Jens Hallfeldt – Microscope photography: Mike Guwak – Neuron cells: Tristan Will / Max Planck Institute for Brain Research – Space Images and videos courtesy of the image science & analysis laboratory NASA Johnson Space Center