Untrodden Soil is the debut release by Skyence on Modularfield. Here showing his brought talent beside his creations for movies and featured films. Join the Hamburg resident on a journey through unexplored acoustic landscapes. Shifting between rich atmospheres and crystal clear sound layers, creating cinematic soundscapes enhanced with brilliant vocal performances by Gatwick and Davud.

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1. White Lips feat. Davud
2. To and Fro
3. CNTRL feat. Gatwick
4. Convection Zone
5. Fabric of Time
6. Forms and Shapes (Interlude)
7. Polaroid
8. Sleeper
9. Untrodden Soil


Artist: Skyence
Title: Untrodden Soil
Cat.No.: MDT10
Release date: 21.04.2017
Album EAN_UPC: 4018939320676